Illegal Raffle

Kent Roth, Republican Candidate for Congress in the 1st District of Kansas, said there should be “no deal to absolve Congressman Tim Hueslkamp from his wrongdoing in connection with his political fundraising raffle.” Roth demanded Congressman Tim Huelskamp be required to admit his NCAA Basketball Ticket Political Fundraising Raffle violated both Federal and State Law. The topic was discussed during an hour long interview of Roth by Access TV of Salina program host, Janet Hanson.

Kent Roth on Eagle Community TV of Hays, Kansas

Congressman Tim Huelskamp’s goal appears to be to make the President look bad no matter who gets hurts. Over 75,000 Kansans are uninsured today because Politicians like Huelskamp refuse the $1.5 million dollars a day since January 1, 2014, that would have been paid to Kansas Hospitals and Health Care Providers had the Medicaid expansion or a waiver like Iowa been requested by State Officials. Huelskamp supports an interstate compact to allow the Kansas Legislature to take over Medicare funding as a block grant. He constantly complains about the cost of Social Security.  Hays Daily News editorial titled:  “White Lie”, takes Huelskamp to task for falsely claiming less Kansans insured today then before Obamacare. Telling a Fib while implying Huelskamp’s goal is to reduce the number of uninsured is small potatoes when compared to the actual harm Tim has caused Kansans.  Congressman Huelskamp appears to have gone to War on the social safety net. Protecting Social Security and Medicare will be my top priority.

Five Minute version of Interview on Access TV of Salina

Kent Roth Republican Candidate for Congress in the 1st District of Kansas. Exerts from the hour long interview by Janet Hanson host of program on Access TV of Salina recorded on April 15, 2014. Failure of Incumbent to read or know what was in the Farm Bill before he voted against the Farm bill discussed with other topics.  Kansas State Professor Barry Flinchbaugh treatment by Congressman Huelskamp mentioned.

Kent Roth hour interview

Kent Roth in depth interview on April 15, 2014, by Access TV of Salina host Janet Hanson.  Answers given to questions concerning Koch Brothers, NCAA Basketball Ticket Raffle Scandal, Healthcare, ALEC, Teacher “due process”, Lesser Prairie Chicken, Americans for Prosperity, Climate Change and Rigging of Elections.  The candidate for Congress in 1st District of Kansas, Kent Roth said: “honesty should be the policy” and suggests voters should recognize deception when a lie is told when the truth would do as well.

Kent Roth attends 66th Annual Southwest Kansas Royalty Owners meeting in Hugoton, Kansas.

A great meeting was held at the Hugoton High School Auditorium. Dr. Jana Milford a Professor in the Mechanical Engineering Department at the University of Colorado spoke on “Air quality impacts of Oil & Gas Production”. Much of the oil and gas in Colorado is located near the largest urban area, Denver, so that State assigns the best and brightest to minimize the adverse impact on the environment. She confirmed my understanding it is much better to flare natural gas than simply allow escape into the atmosphere. Best of all reduce waste and leakage to the extent possible. The Lesser Prairie Chicken industry response in the five affected States has been to join a range-wide conservation plan, a company participates by payment of an enrollment fee which funds habitat management activities which include purchasing conservation easements from landowners to protect or restore grassland habitat for the birds. Companies that enroll in the plan get assurances that their business activities may continue after the listing as a threatened species goes into effect May 12. The State of Kansas and Oklahoma are suing the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in Federal Court claiming the decision to list the Lesser Prairie Chicken as a threatened species under the Endangered Species Act should have been delayed.

Kent Roth vs. Tim Huelskamp

Congressman Tim Huelskamp did vote for default, Kent Roth would have voted to avoid default. The views of the candidates on the “center of power” are contrasted with audio clips. One views his position in government as the be all and end all. The other looks to the people and their right to vote as the center of power.

Easter and End of Timers are incompatible. God created man with survival instincts knowing we would adapt to our surroundings, rather than await the rapture like the Pharisees of old. Re-birth and Redemption as we accept God has made us accountable for our time on Earth.

Flint Hills Prairie Fire Festival & Platform Metting

Traveled to GOP Platform meeting via Cottonwood Falls, Kansas to attend the Friday night music jam, a portion of the Prairie Fire Festival. The Flint Hills home of the last tall grass prairie in the nation, Ranchers burn the pasture land to control growth of red cedar preserving the land for grazing by cattle as done for decades. Traveling on the turnpike from Emporia to Topeka saw many fires including the one pictured in this video. In Topeka, attended the Republican State Committee meeting which adopted a platform with strong support for development of renewable energy.

GOP Plateform Metting

Kent Roth for Kansas Congress 1st District