GMO Corn Litigation may settle like GMO Rice Litigation

GMO Rice Litigation Settled for $750 Million

In July 2011, Bayer paid $750 million to settle a very similar litigation involving GMO rice seed to about 11,000 rice farmers in the United States who sued Bayer after the LibertyLink seed cross-contaminated more than 30% of American rice fields, ruining their export value.

In the GMO Corn Litigation case; on September 11, 2015, Kansas City Federal Judge John W. Lungstrom issued an order allowing the suits against Syngenta to proceed based on the drop in the market price for corn after China rejected imports of any corn in November of 2013, due to alarm over corn from Sygenta GMO modified seeds cross-contaminating the entire supply of U.S. Corn Producers.

Do You have a GMO Corn Seed CLAIM?

If you produced corn in 2013 or 2014 crop years; YES!  Kent Roth, Roth Law Office, Ten North Main, Ellinwood, KS 67526-1638 (620) 564-2090 phone/fax is for Central Kansas Corn Producers a referring Attorney to lead counsel in the Federal lawsuit and available to answer any of your questions.  You may email Kent Roth at:

One thought on “GMO Corn Litigation may settle like GMO Rice Litigation

  1. Enjoyed attending the Kansas State Wildcat football victory over the Cyclones this Saturday compliments of Syngenta GMO Corn Litigation group. In this David vs. Goliath battle; when the Giants begin to fight among themselves the Farmers and Country Elevators must be winning. Go to Facebook page for: Syngenta GMO Corn Lawsuit News Desk for update on the Litigation.

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