Kent Roth Endorses Alan LaPolice for Congress

In a Dec. 11 facebook post, I mentioned the risk of splitting the opposition vote in the Republican Primary Election which might allow Tim Huelskamp to advance to the General Election with as little as 35% of the vote as he did in 2010. This raises the possibility of a Democrat winning a seat in Congress to represent Western Kansas for the first time since J. Floyd Breeding in 1956.

Apparently Democrat Jim Sherow of Manhattan shares this view as he was featured in a May 20 news article in The Clay Center Dispatch which reported “Huelskamp is facing two challengers in the primary who will split the opposition vote, it’s likely he’ll get the Republican nomination despite his unpopularity.”

My goal remains seeing Tim Huelskamp defeated in the August 5, Republican Primary Election. Alan LaPolice of Clyde, Kansas is the best person to win this election. Alan LaPolice and I appeared before a Republican Central Committee open meeting in Salina where I was so impressed with his performance as to post a video of Alan LaPolice on March 12.

Over time, I have come to the conclusion I rushed to judgment in not recognizing the electability of Alan LaPolice earlier. I recently viewed the 2008 film in which Alan performed a minor role, off the clock, when working his full time job as a High School Administrator. Any attempt to use his past work as a movie actor in a negative campaign would be as “genuine” as suggesting no one should have voted for Ronald Regan because he worked as a movie actor. On Huelskamp Robo-calls calling me a “Liberal Attorney,” while I attended the Pancake Race in Liberal, everyone knows I am an Ellinwood Attorney. Tim Huelskamp Robo-calls are as “genuine” as a three ($3) dollar bill.

Alan LaPolice and I have different views such as on Common Core. I don’t expect my Congressman to agree with me one hundred (100%) percent, but I do expect honesty, reason and logic with a goal of doing what is best for the First District of Kansas.

Alan LaPolice is a “Gulf War Veteran” who earned my respect by his return to his family farm near Clyde, Kansas where he is actively engaged in farming after a successful career as a High School Administrator in California. We need to encourage more native born Kansans to return to their hometowns as did Alan LaPolice.

By this post, I withdraw from my Campaign for Congress in the First District of Kansas and endorse Alan LaPolice of Clyde, Kansas as the best person to keep a Republican Congressman representing the First District of Kansas. Please vote for Alan LaPolice in the August 5, Republican Primary Election.

Paid for by Kent Roth for Kansas and this final message authorized by candidate, Kent Roth