Kent Roth on Eagle Community TV of Hays, Kansas

Congressman Tim Huelskamp’s goal appears to be to make the President look bad no matter who gets hurts. Over 75,000 Kansans are uninsured today because Politicians like Huelskamp refuse the $1.5 million dollars a day since January 1, 2014, that would have been paid to Kansas Hospitals and Health Care Providers had the Medicaid expansion or a waiver like Iowa been requested by State Officials. Huelskamp supports an interstate compact to allow the Kansas Legislature to take over Medicare funding as a block grant. He constantly complains about the cost of Social Security.  Hays Daily News editorial titled:  “White Lie”, takes Huelskamp to task for falsely claiming less Kansans insured today then before Obamacare. Telling a Fib while implying Huelskamp’s goal is to reduce the number of uninsured is small potatoes when compared to the actual harm Tim has caused Kansans.  Congressman Huelskamp appears to have gone to War on the social safety net. Protecting Social Security and Medicare will be my top priority.

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