Kent Roth during the exploratory phase received encouragement to make the race first from:
Rochelle Chronister who posted Dec. 9 on my timeline regular Facebook page:
“Good luck that district certainly needs a new Congressman!” Which was seconded by:
Jack Wempe who posted Dec. 10 on my regular Facebook page:
“Good luck, Kent. The 1st deserves better, Jack Wempe”.
I have known Jack for years; I enjoy reading his column in the Hutchinson News. Jack is a former High School Superintendent, Legislator and member of the Board of Regents which oversees Higher Education in Kansas. He is one of the good guys.
Rochelle Chronister is a former State Republican Party chair who I respect as one of the most hard working and knowledgeable people on government issues.

Kent Roth welcomes the encouragement and warning of Former Kansas State Senate Presidents Bud Burke and Steve Morris.

Former Kansas State Senate President Steve Morris told me that about a month before the 2012 primaries, polling showed that he and most other moderate Republicans enjoyed at least a 20-percent advantage over their conservative challengers. Around that time, however, arch-conservative PAC money (Americans for Prosperity, the Club for Growth and the Alliance for America’s Future) started pouring into the state.

In western Kansas the cash went toward radio ads that painted Morris as a liberal who was responsible for Obamacare. Other registered voters received as many as three fliers a day featuring Photoshopped images of Morris standing next to President Obama or burning $100 bills in a tuxedo to illustrate his supposed wasteful handling of taxpayer money. “I was running positive ads the whole time,” Morris says now. “I was so naive that I thought people would see those things for how ridiculous they were.”

Kent Roth, Republican Candidate for Congress in Western Kansas said: “Koch Brothers money has rigged the system making a campaign like mine an uphill battle, but let us not forget Kansas was the home of the populist movement and when the citizens have had enough the Oligarchs can be thwarted. Click on the Donation page link at the top of this Home page to take back the First Congressional District.”

Former Kansas State President Bud Burke posted his support on my Kent Roth Congressional Facebook Page on December 16, 2013, messaging: “Good luck Kent. I met Mr. Negative when he was first elected in the Kansas Legislature. He was a disaster in the Statehouse and now the world knows that he is a disaster in Congress.”

Words of encouragement above are deeply appreciated as I believe we all share the same goal. The removal of Tim Huelskamp form public office. Growing up in Western Kansas, I have heard all my life “all is fair in love, war and politics.” Photoshopped images were used by the “no compromise” groups during the 2012 election cycle and no doubt will appear this year. Turnabout is fair play, below Photoshopped image of Huelskamp as Napoleon Bonaparte captures the essence of Huleskamp declaring the “Preeminent Center of Power” as his U.S. House. Click on image and then link below image to view blockbuster video which may determine outcome of my race for Congress.


Tim Huelskamp directing his troops at Waterloo?


Click to view “All In” endorsement video and audio from former Huelskamp opponent in his 2010 primary election in which less than 35% of the voters sent this little Napoleon to Washington.

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