Barry Flinchbaugh

Barry Flinchbaugh confirmed a rumor which has circulated for years. When Tim Huelskamp was sworn in as Congressman, Kansas-State University Professor Barry Flinchbaugh was told his days of influencing the First District of Kansas Congressmen on farm policy were over, that Huelskamp would take his marching orders from the Heritage Foundation. Heritage Foundation talks down to farmers as if purchasing crop insurance made one a welfare queen. Tim Huelskamp’s inability to work well with others resulted in Speaker John Boehner kicking Huelskamp off the Agriculture and Budget Committees. 

In my view, Barry Flinchbaugh is the Grand Wizard from Kansas-State University on Farm Policy and I deeply appreciate the time he spent with me discussing the future of agriculture.  Whether one accepts man made climate change or not, it is vital that agriculture have a seat at the table in setting of this and other important public policies. 

My first request to the Speaker of the House will be for appointment to the Agriculture Committee.


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