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Congressman Tim Huleskamp, KS-1, appearing on All In with Chris Hayes last night advocated cutting Social Security and Medicare along with a $600 billion dollar slash in the budget. Home video produced with the help of my son, Alex Roth, on his smart phone. Should the voters in the 2014 Republican Primary Election chose Kent Roth my top priority will be protecting Social Security and Medicare.

In the news, the “doc fix” is a temporary patch to prevent a 24% cut to the amount of money the government pays doctors who take care of Medicare patients. The cut would take effect on April 1, but for Congress passed by voice vote the fix on Thursday, March 27, 2014.

What did our Congressman have to say: “I think they pulled a fast one,” Kansas Republican Rep. Tim Huelskamp, who had planned to vote against the temporary fix, told the news media. Huelskamp was in his office, getting ready to go over to the vote that he thought was going to happen in a few minutes, when he learned they had had a voice vote.

Kent Roth, Republican candidate for Congress, has made protecting Social Security & Medicare his top priorities and supports requesting a waiver like Iowa to receive the $1.5 million dollars in payments to Kansas Hospitals and Health Care providers being lost each day since January 1, 2014 for treatment of Medicaid patents. If you agree, please visit the donation page of this web site to make a political contribution.

Please provide occupation and employer.

Please provide occupation and employer.

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