Cecil O’Brate Endorses Kent Roth

Response to Whisper campaign in below endorsement article. (Reblog after page customized.)

kent roth



Kent Roth, Ellinwood Lawyer, signed his Federal Election Commission papers this week to comply with being a candidate for Congress in the First District of Kansas.  His first campaign stop was Garden City to receive the endorsement of Cecil O’Brate pictured with Roth at the American Warrior office in Garden City.  American Warrior is an independent oil and gas producer which drilled more wells in Kansas last year than any other company.  Mr. O’Brate has several other business interests as well as being active in many community organizations and a pillar of the Republican Party not just in Kansas, but on a National level.  Mr. O’Brate is a personal friend of US House Speaker John Boehner and Majority Leader Eric Cantor.

Roth said:  “Cecil O’Brate loves his country and wants a change from negative conduct to a positive Congressman who views his job…

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One thought on “Cecil O’Brate Endorses Kent Roth

  1. My Facebook page is a diary of my campaign for Congress. Cecil O’Brate did consent to have his picture taken with me, upon returning home from Garden City; I learned of a different person running for the same office, called Cecil who said it made “no difference” and to go ahead with the endorsement and I posted on January 7 the above which appeared in newspapers including the Garden City Telegram, Great Bend Tribune and others. When weeks later, I was contacted by a certain rich landowner in the Liberal area, I called Cecil after several attempts to communicate he answered confirming he had withdrawn his support which was posted as well on January 30. It is the nature of politics that one take a step back after two forward. I have no ill will towards Cecil, but the above is the truth which I shall hold steadfast too as is my right. This Web site, now has the explanation publicly posted as well.

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