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Freshman US Senator Tom Cotton of Arkansas and forty-six (46) of his GOP colleagues committed treason in publishing an open letter hostile to the effort to prevent Iran from gaining a nuclear bomb.  Clearly Tom Cotton and the most hard line members of the Republican Guard in Iran have much in common.  The Iran Deal was negotiated by six (6) countries which included China and Russia.  Walking away from the agreement would cause the other countries to broker their own agreement with Iran.  There would be no better deal!

The Iran Deal blocks nuclear capability from happening for at least 10 years and perhaps forever. Russia and perhaps other countries were going to walk away from the coalition imposing sanctions had we not reached this agreement. In such event, the Prime Minister of Israel said at the UN; Iran might have a nuclear bomb within months. Increasing the time line by 10 years is a great success! There are limits to our power over Iran. Invading or bombing Iran would result in a worse outcome except for War profiteers.

Pretending to defer to Israeli’s Prime Minister, is the same as telling any nation you will put the self interest of that nation above the self interest of your own nation which any intelligent person knows to be a lie. We should continue our adult relationship in which Israel and both nations should communicate so there is a full understanding of what each perceives to be vital interests. Political sop concerning the Iran Deal serves the interest of neither country.

Avoiding a nuclear holocaust. What issue might more unite this country. Sadly, many in Congress views it as just one more opportunity to vex our elected President. Refusing to support the Iran Deal negotiated by our commander-in-chief, in my mind, springs from the same motivation as those in Oklahoma City who chose to waive Confederate Flags during Obama’s recent visit to the site where anti-government Tim McVeigh detonated a car bomb in 1995 in front of a Federal Government building. Playing politics with the Iran Deal is playing with fire. The US Senators who signed the letter attempting to torpedo the deal before it was reached and now denounce the agreement before reading it should admit to intentionally stirring up the prejudice of a certain segment of the public for political gain.

I turned 18 years of age in 1970 the year the lottery to replace the killed and wounded in the Vet Nam War took place.  Has this nation forgotten the lesson learned in Vet Nam?  The Iraq War and Vet Nam War have much in common.  Gulf of Token resolution based on questionable intelligence and more recently Dick Cheney and others deceptively fanned the flames of fear over weapons of mass destruction to promote the invasion of Iraq.  The same war mongering voices are now heard concerning Iran.  Give Peace a chance, give Iran’s leaders the opportunity to honor the Iran Deal that everyone acknowledges is designed to slow or stop nuclear proliferation.  Tom Cotton, stop beating the drums of War, at the very least; please shut up!

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Trust Abortion Reporting Remains Private?

Additions to Kansas Income

When preparing a 2014 Kansas Income Tax Return which instructs Abortion costs not taxed at the Federal level must be added to Kansas Taxable income, a question arose in my mind.  The Instructions read enter the total amount of credit allowed on your federal return that includes coverage of, reimbursement for, or credit/partial credit for, abortion or abortion expenses. Purchasing health insurance on the exchange and claiming a credit to help pay the premium targets certain individuals and opens each up for an invasion of privacy.

A sexist invasion of privacy was my first impression.  My first thought, the Legislators intent was to discourage abortion by making women self-report. Upon further reflection, I realized a man who purchased health insurance on the exchange that included coverage for abortion would be equally obligated to determine the amount of tax credit attributable for this specific coverage and add the amount to his Kansas taxable income.   The Legislation targets Obama-care as much as it targets an individual woman who actually uses the insurance to pay for an abortion.

When you have a Kansas Governor who announces he will sign any Pro-life bill that reaches his desk, this is the type of nonsense one should expect.  Above is a screen shot of the window on my tax preparation software that alerted me to this new change to the Kansas tax code for 2014.

Last night I watched a Kansas Legislator admit that actual spending by Welfare recipients was recorded and this information provided to Legislators who came up with the list of prohibited types of spending such as in a lingerie shop or Cruise Line Office.  Does anyone really expect abortion information provided to the Kansas Department of Revenue will be more private and confidential?

An insignificant amount of revenue would be expected from this tax change; thus: there appears to me to be no rational basis for this new law, other than to discriminate against certain Kansans who purchase health insurance on the exchange.  Smaller government is one thing, nasty, mean spirited, bigoted government quite another.


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Huelskamp’s Royal Seal

At the request of a negative commenter on this page, I scanned one of the coasters given to me as a gift by a Congressman over 25 years ago to show the seal on it is the same one Congressman Tim Huelskamp recently demanded “prosecution” for appearing on a political mailing. The Official seal of the U.S. House has an image of the Capitol Building, this seal has an Eagle. The Good Guys win again.


Read news article by clicking on image or  here.

Tea Party Tim

On day 16 of the Federal Government Shutdown, Erin Burnett of CNN interviewed Congressman Tim Huelskamp. During the interview Huelskamp added cuts to Medicare and Social Security to the list of demands by the Tea Party Caucus to reopen the government. Later at a Tea Party meeting Huelskamp made this recorded statement: “The Founders knew the preeminent branch of Power was Congress and the Preeminent Center of Power the U.S. House.”  Tim waived a pocket size copy of the Constitution while implying the Speaker of the House should retire as pictured below in a screen shot from the video.

His primary opponent, Alan LaPolice, has promised to make his first action in Congress a request to be appointed to the Agriculture Committee. Tim Huelskamp who represents a rural Congressional District was stripped of his appointment to the Agriculture Committee for disloyalty to Republican Party Leadership.  Click on below screenshot to view video.




Initial Poll closed after predetermined number of votes, first 205 to vote, cast. Poll only allowed one vote per IP address using a cookie lasting 24 hours, but not scientific as no random sample of one thousand GOP voters who did vote in last two Primaries. A scientific survey with three (3) questions is now underway which may only be answered by the person emailed an invitation to take the survey who must confirm email for answers to be counted. The only results that matter are released August 5, 2014, after polls close and I predict the winner: Alan LaPolice with 56% of the vote!